How To Sell Books On Ebay And Make Money

Do you have some books around your house and want to promote them and make money? The eBay app permits users to bid on, buy, and promote books on mobile devices. One of the good things about using eBay is how fast and intuitive it is to install your shop.

You may also have used eBay’s super-easy interface to shop for things in the past. However, you’ll be satisfied to analyze that promoting your book on eBay is as intuitive and easy. The following are some of the steps need to sell books on eBay and make money:

1. Install The eBay App

Installing the eBay app makes life easier to sell, buy and browse millions of books on the go and other items across fashion, home, cars & car parts, collectibles, and more. This then gives you access to an eBay account.

Each eBay account ought to be added separately, and the account added creates a brand new sales channel that is used to discover where your orders are coming from. Installing eBay takes you directly to the first setup screen, permitting you to add your eBay accounts.


2. Search For The Book You Want To Sell On eBay

All you need to input is the ISB(International Standard Book Number) placed on the back of most books. eBay will immediately register all the data about the book (title, author, description, etc.), leaving you to enter only a one-sentence precis and your delivery cost.

3. Creating A Listing

This is the easiest way to promote your book and get visibility to the buyers. When listing your item, start by explaining what you’re selling.

You can add pictures, select the brand and physical descriptions about the item, choose whether to work with the auction or fixed price format and set a price.

4. Promoting The Book Through Communication With The Buyer.

Start by introducing yourself and the book. Ask buyers about their interests, tell them about your book, and provide helpful advice.

Make sure to be polite and friendly in all your interactions because Selling is the process of persuasion whereby one needs to convince another buyer to get what one wants.

Once your listing is live and the above steps have been followed, buyers can purchase your book and pay through eBay’s secure checkout system.


5. Name Your Price

Searching similar listings to see what items like yours sold for is important.



To make money selling books on eBay, you must research the market to price your books competitively and determine which books are worth selling. You must also create attractive listings that describe the book accurately and include high-quality photos.

Additionally, it is important to properly package and ship your books promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.


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