How To Clean Rayon Earbuds

In our 21st-century society, earbuds have become mainstream. Every day, when you step out of your door, like the sight of buildings, roads, and cars, and just as you, you are likely to find numerous people with earbuds stuck up their ears.


Whether listening to music, a podcast, watching live videos on the gram, or maybe TikTok, or keeping ahead with the daily news, earbuds make this an easy and private experience for everyone.

However, earbuds, as human bodies, requires unavoidable check-ups and attention. But earbuds care includes cleaning, resetting, etc. Now, you probably wonder, ‘how do I know when my earbuds need check-ups since they don’t talk?’

To help, I have gathered answers in this article which touches on the importance of cleaning your rayon earbuds and easy steps to guide you when cleaning them so they not only sound brand new but look it too!

How To Clean Your Raycon Earbuds

The most proper equipment required for the easy cleaning of your raycon earbuds is alcohol and a Q-tip.

But sometimes, when you run out of alcohol and Q-tip, you may want to replace these with water and cleansing soap since the Raycon earbuds have been proven to be water- and sweat-resistant. So doing it is rightfully permitted and does no danger.

Another piece of equipment we recommend is a toothbrush. You may use a handy toothbrush to brush off the buildup of dirt and earwax carefully.

How To Clean Your Raycon Earbuds With Alcohol And Q-Tip

Several factors are duly considered when purchasing a new pair of earbuds. This usually involves its brand, price, size, good facility, and how comfortable it snugs on the ear canal.

Comfort is necessary for a good audio experience.

But in our busy daily lives, we tend to focus more on the sound quality our earbuds give than how comfortable their states are.

Ideally, we become more aware of this neglect when sound gives off default signs. Sometimes, it gets quieter in one ear or louder in the other. When this happens, a thorough cleaning usually helps. When following this method, you will need these items:

  • Alcohol
  • Q-tip

Step 1:

Make sure your raycon earbuds are powered off and disconnected. It’s important they’re to avoid spoilage. Next, reverse the Raycon silicon ear tips.

This is done by pulling the edges of the ear tip until it is inside out. It would help if you pulled gently; exerting great force could dissemble the earbud further.

Step 2:

Expose the screen by carefully pulling off the entire silicone ear tips, then hold up the opening or screen upwards.

Step 3:

Dip Q-tip into alcohol. Then, rub in circular motions to loosen up the bond. This should be easily pressed to avoid over-saturating the screen.

Step 4:

Here, the Q-tip enables you to remove the screen. With a newly exposed opening, you must watch for foreign drops gaining access.

You can clean the Raycon earbuds further when that is made sure of. Next, you should clean both sides of the screen, securing it clean and safe location since it is prone to get lost and easily damaged due to its size.

Step 5

Clean the Raycon earbuds speaker opening gently to avoid over-saturating it with alcohol. You do not want it sprinkling toward the speaker. This step wipes off dirt, dust, and earwax buildup. It unclogs the speaker.

Step 6

Gently place the screen back over the speaker opening. Try not to force it into place. Press the screen delicately into the right spot by utilizing the dry tip of the Q-tip.

This shouldn’t be done with exerting force. Now that the screen is again in the right spot, take the Raycon silicon tip and drive it easily on the opening of the screen.

How To Clean Your Raycon Earbuds With A Toothbrush

This is the fastest way to clean your raycon earbuds. And you only need the handiest item, which is a toothbrush.

Avoid hard bristle types when choosing the toothbrush for the cleaning exercise, as you do not want to scratch your raycon earbuds. We recommend a baby toothbrush for its soft bristle.

First, pull out the tip of the silicone raycon earbuds until it is inside out. Next, with the toothbrush, delicately scour the screen in round motions. When the residue/dirt drops off, take a material and clean the buds screen with it.

You can redo this step once every week to keep up with sound quality, yet we suggest a thorough cleaning occasionally.

How To Clean Your Raycon Earbuds With Water

This is the speediest and most straightforward method for cleaning your raycon earbuds. It is safer to do it with little water since they are water-resistant.

Before doing this:

  • Wipe the dirt out of your Raycon earbuds by shaking them carefully.
  • Clean your earbuds with warm water and soap cleanser; don’t sink them into water or use an excessive amount of soap cleanser.
  • When you wash them, dry the earbuds with a delicate fabric gradually, and set them in a dry topper to dry.
  • Try to use them only when they are properly dried.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Raycon Earbuds?

Cleaning your rayon earbuds is significant and necessary for two reasons. First is your hygiene, and the second is to help delay the life expectancy of your rayon earbuds. The second reason is that it eliminates unplanned expenses and aids uninterrupted savings.

Hygienically, when the raycon earbuds are not kept up appropriately, they accumulate ear wax and dust particles. This is a great spot for microscopic organisms to live and develop.

Those microorganisms can cause ear diseases. Due to the abnormal presence of earwax, we increase the volume increasingly high, and over the long run, this can prompt hearing issues.

The dust can blur the screens of your raycon earbuds, and afterward, the sound comes out distorted and distant. When these happen, it makes you think they are damaged when they are not.

By cleaning your raycon earbuds or earphones, you safeguard yourself, prolong the life expectancy of your raycon earbuds and feel the fulfillment of wearing a dirt-free product when they are on.

How Often Should You Clean Your Raycon Earbuds?

Since they are worn so frequently, your raycon earbuds are bound to get dirty over time. This makes it impossible to set a designated timetable for cleaning your Raycon earbuds.

It’s safest if you should clean your raycon earbuds at least once a week, but before doing so, ensure they are powered off and disconnected from your device.

What Kinds Of Activities Easily Make My Rayon Earbuds Dirty?

As humans, we engage in various activities throughout living our day. These activities may be energy-exerting or relaxing.

Whether you are involved in energy-exerting or relaxing activities, these activities can cause your raycon earbuds to get dirty easily, and you should clean them afterward. They include:

1. After a prolonged session in the gym or when done with a run or jog, you should clean your raycon earbuds. This is because though rayon earbuds are water-resistant and sweat-proof, they malfunction with the presence of much fluid.

When you exercise, your skin pores exude’ more sweat. And his sweat penetrates your raycon earbuds easily.

2. Sometimes, when we are with friends or family, we share an earbud to catch up on our favorite TV show or video at the same pace.

If you do this, you should clean your raycon earbuds after it’s over. Although sharing your earbuds hasn’t been canceled, it’s for your health’s benefit not to share.

3. As mentioned earlier, raycon earbuds are water resistant but do not function with excessive water. This means you can wear them when relaxing in a jacuzzi.

You could be listening to great music through it or on the phone. Many people think it’s safer not to go into the jacuzzi with their phones since most phones are not water-resistant or proof.

However, remember to clean your raycon earbuds afterward. This helps gets the residual water out and keeps your raycon earbuds dry.


There are other cleaning tips for your rayon earbuds that you’ll likely find on different websites, but our recommended methods work best! Not only because they are faster, easier, and better explained.

Following these easy-to-do steps guarantees excellent working results. Having clean, working, Rayon earbuds boom your confidence whenever you have them on in the gym, commuting, and even with family and friends without a single worry about their life expectancy.

You get maximum sound quality when you ensure your raycon earbuds are appropriately cleaned too.


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