Adjusting Glass Shower Doors

Have you ever exited the shower to immediately see a puddle on the floor? Weak shower curtains readily leak water, posing a slip-and-fall risk to you and your family.

Shower doors may improve the aesthetic of a bathroom and are useful for ensuring water can’tcan’t spill onto your floor; nevertheless, they may need to be adjusted after a period.

Tempered glass is the most frequently used to make shower doors. This glass undergoes a heating and quick cooling procedure, making it far more durable than annealed glass.

A glass shower door, particularly one without a frame, allows light to enter and expands the room.

However, these glass shower doors may need to be put in the right place, n you are looking for guidance on adjusting them yourself.

If there is no professional nearby, scroll down to read about shower door adjustment if your shower doors need a little assistance keeping in place without the added hassle and expense of changing them.

How To Adjust Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors come in three varieties: sliding, hinged, and frameless. The procedures for changing each of these types are listed below.

A. Sliding Shower Door

Since they move along a track, these doors are the easiest to repair and modify. These doors may start sticking or not move as smoothly as they once did, so fixing them immediately might prevent problems. The steps for adjusting sliding shower doors are listed below;

1. First, determine whether the issue is with the roller on the track or something more complicated.

Lift the sliding door and reinstall it if the only thing out of place is the roller. To prevent scuffs on your shower, lay on the floor a drop cloth before beginning. First, unscrew the guide rail from the shower track’strack’s bottom.

2. To remove the sliding door, lift it out of the track and tilt it in or out. Carefully remove both doors to check for any issues. To remove any dirt, soap scum, or rust in confined spaces, clean both the top and bottom tracks.

3. Find and adjust the track’strack’s rollers on a sloping opening. You can raise or lower the door by adjusting the roller’sroller’s position in its angled cutout.

To maintain doors even, loosen the screw and move the roller to the desired spot, ensuring the other rollers are secured.

4. The doors should be replaced when the roller has been adjusted and tightened, and the bottom guide rail should be screwed back in.

Ensure that the rollers on the guide rail are all the same types. They could have flat edges or round edges, and they don’t have any cracks or other defects. Now check the doors to see if they glide easily.

B. Hinged Shower Doors.

Glass doors with a frame structure typically contain hinged doors. They are attached by hinges to the wall or another framed area. Again, these doors are rather simple to fix when they stiffen up.

Before attempting to adjust them, check to see if the shower doors are rigid or if any other problems, such as damage, would necessitate replacing them.

Using something to make it glide smoothly may be sufficient if it has been gradually sticking more. To adjust hinged shower doors, follow these steps;

1. Shower Door Hinges Should Be Slightly Loosened.

You must slightly loosen the hinges before adjusting the shower door. A clamp with rubber gaskets on each side serves as the hinge for the glass shower door.

The shower door can be slightly slacked by gently relaxing the hinges, giving you the flexibility to achieve the ideal level.

Only the hinges connected to the shower door that you want to adjust must be loosened; none of the hinges connecting to the shower wall need to be done so.

2. To Level The Shower Door, Insert Wood Shims.

Inserting wood shims into the low places of a glass shower door is the second adjustment procedure. Shims are thin wooden pieces with thicker sides.

Before tightening the hinges again, you can level the door perfectly using wood shims. If you don’t have wood shims, you can level the door using other items or bits of plastic.

3. Observe The Gap In The Glass Shower Door.

Leaving a small space between the shower door and the wall is vital before tightening the hinges again. By slightly opening the shower door and wall, ensure the proper amount of side gap.

4. Adjust The Shower Door Hinges.

It’sIt’s time to tighten the hinges again now that the door is completely level with the shims and there is a small space between the door and the wall.

Hand-tighten each hinge one by one once you’ve loosened them. Please ensure the hinges are nice and hand-tight without overtightening and stripping the threads.

C. Flameless Sliding Door.

Frameless glass shower doors provide a modern, elegant appearance. The majority of today’stoday’s bathrooms have frameless, smooth glass shower doors. Although they look attractive, frameless shower frames can be difficult to install.

It can be challenging to adjust and position the door if inexperienced properly. While this causes fear, understanding the procedure would make the task straightforward. These are the basic steps to take;

1. Position The Door.

You must position the door in the initial phase to determine whether or not it is properly leveled. You’llYou’ll need a helper to hold the door open for you to do it. You would use the 36-inch level to confirm the alignment while he keeps the door open.

To frame the enclosure, place the level vertically over the edge of the door. The door is correctly positioned if the edge is parallel to the ground.

You should get professional advice to correct the alignment problem if they are in different lines. The expert would adjust the shower glass and the mounting for the enclosure.

2. Work With The Bolts And Hinges.

Step into the shower stall now. The assistant must close the door after you arrive. The hex-head bolts should be loosened as you enter using an Allen key. The hex-head bolts in each hinge must be loosened by clockwise rotating them 360 degrees twice.

Throughout the operation, the door must be kept shut. The door should be elevated slightly if required. Maintain that position for the door while your aide fixes the shims on top of the shower base and just below the door.

3. Adjust The Hinges.

Tell your assistant to hold the door in that place after you determine sufficient space between the lower seam of the door and the shower base. You need to fix and tighten the nuts on the hinges while he is holding the door.

The shower glass would be in the right place if the hinges were tightened. Verify the correctness of the spacing between the shower base and the bottom seam.

4. Remove The Shims And Check The Position.

The time has come to check whether the adjustment was successful by removing the shims from the gap. Check to see if there is a consistent gap between the door and the shower base. If the alignment is off, repeat steps 2 through 4 to make adjustments.


This article is a Do-it-yourself guide, and most householders can easily adjust a glass shower door in an hour or less. You only need a single Phillips screwdriver and wood shims at any hardware store.

The method’s basic step is to wiggle the door by loosening the hinges. After that, place wood shims on the side and bottom of the door.

Remember to check the clearance between the shower door and the wall (so it will stay open when opened). Retighten the hinges when the door has been leveled.

But if you find it difficult to adjust glass shower doors by yourself, please kindly contact a professional to help you with it to avoid harming yourself or spoiling the glass doors.


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