How Long Will It Take To Tile A Shower?

The cutoff time to prepare the new apartment to handover is excessively close. The main work left is to tile the showers. Some tile installers profess to complete the task in no time. Some are discussing days. Now, you are pondering how long it takes to tile a shower.

From setting up the backer board to fixing the grouts, tiling a shower needs close to 3 days altogether. There is no alternate route to brilliance.

Tile-setters might say something else, yet to empower the shower to be utilized for quite a long time; there is no option of investing adequate time in tiling it.

Nonetheless, in this article, I will explain how long it requires to tile a shower and why.

What Amount Of Time Does It Require To Tile A Shower? Bit By Bit Time

The specific time you should tile up a shower relies heavily on how big or little the shower is and the type of instruments you use to finish the work.

In the accompanying illustration, I have shown the rough time expected to tile up the shower with a standard region;

  • Step 1: Putting up the backer board – 1-2 hours
  • Step 2: Install the tiles and wait – for 1 day
  • Step 3: Grout the tiles and wait – for 2 days
  • Step 4: Seal up the grouts – 1 hour

Factors That Determine The Time Expected To Tile A Shower

Presently, let us look at every one of the elements that assume a part in deciding the time to introduce tile into a shower:

1. Tile Sizes

The greater the number of tiles you introduce in the shower, the less time it will consume to be introduced. Enormous tiles cover more spaces in the shower region, and more modest tiles do the inverse.

In this way, if the tiles are huge, the quantity of tiles lessens. The quantity of tiles decreases the time necessary to install them.

2. The Shape And Size Of The Shower Region

If the shower region’s state is fundamental, introducing tiles there won’t require a lot of investment. Assuming it has a few great bends or building turns, introducing tiles there will require greater investment.

It would be best to slice the tiles into a specific shape to fit the uncommon shower region. It will increase the time expected to introduce the tiles.

3. Setting up The Wall

Setting up the backer board takes simply 1 to 2 hours. In any case, if the wall isn’t even or not perfect enough, it will require a greater investment to set it up.

While the plaster of the shower region is being finished, the specialists should be instructed to make the walls even. Ensure it is sufficiently cleaned right away to begin the tiling. If not, the total time of introducing tiles in the shower will increase.

4. The Direction For installing The Tiles

Introducing tiles upward or evenly is relatively simple and takes less time. However, the contemporary style of installing tiles places them in a corner-to-corner course.

To introduce the tiles in a slanting direction, you want to do a few additional estimations and cut a couple of additional tiles all the while. At long last, the available time to tile a shower increases.

5. Proficient Or Do-It-Yourself Installation

These days, many helpful yet little development devices are accessible on the lookout. Working with them is so natural that an ever-increasing number of individuals engage with the “DIY – Do-It-Yourself” development.

A typical disadvantage of a Do-It-Yourself establishment is it requires strikingly more time to finish work than an expert. The equivalent goes for the installation of tiles in a shower. Keep some additional time nearby if you are doing it without anyone else’s help.

6. Kind Of The Grout

There are mostly two kinds of grouts utilized in introducing tiles. They are sanded and unsanded grouts.

Sanded grouts are more solid than unsanded grouts. For vertical establishments, many individuals like to involve unsanded grouts for their better grasp.

If you are utilizing sanded grouts, you will require 2 days to get the grouts evaporated. On the off chance that you are utilizing unsanded grouts, you need to trust that the grouts will get evaporated. Solely after the grouts are dry, you can apply the grout fixing.

7. Type Of The Grout Sealer

Before purchasing the fixing specialist for the grout, painstakingly read the manual to know when it is necessary to dry. Since the time to dry for grout, the sealer can change a ton.

Some of the grout sealers require close to 2 days to dry before you can utilize them. Luckily, some other grout sealers in the market take 2 to 3 hours to dry.

In this way, your establishment time for tiles in a shower can be frustratingly long if you neglect to utilize the right grout sealer.

Hints On Introducing Tiles In A Shower

I will impart 3 hints to you regarding establishing tiles in a shower. I accept they will be useful.

1. Check The Width Of Tile Joints

The kind of grout you want to use while introducing tiles in a shower relies upon the width of the joints of the tiles. Assuming the width is not exactly ⅛ inches, you should utilize the unsanded grout.

If the width of the tiles working closely together is more than ⅛ inches, you ought to utilize sanded grouts. In any case, the establishment cycle will go to no end.

2. Try Not To Make The Grout Watery.

If you blend an excess of water in the blending of the grout, you should confront a few unfortunate results.

Too watery grouts will take significantly longer to evaporate. So your assessment of establishment time will come up short, and you will attempt to seal the grouts when they need to be prepared.

Simultaneously, assuming there is overabundant dampness in the grout, it will ultimately turn out during the time spent on dissipation. While out, the dampness will leave little openings in the grout, making them pointless.

3. Take A Look At The Compatibility Of The Tiles.

Not all tiles are made to be wet arbitrarily. The tile must be appraised for wet application to be utilized in the shower. You should ensure that you are purchasing tiles that are usable in showers.

How Hard Is It To Tile A Shower?

Tile establishment time will rely upon many elements, and many positions are more mind-boggling than others. The primary component that will make establishment hard is the all-out size of the washroom or the shower.

The bigger the region is, the more tiles it will require and the more it will take for the task to finish. This element can rely on how large the tiles are.

The following element is dampness, which can draw out drying time. The higher the dampness level of a washroom or shower wall is, the more it will dial back the ideal opportunity for tiling.

The installer’s expertise is the last element that will straightforwardly decide how hard a tiling position will be. For clear reasons, proficient tilers will take less time, and their experience will guarantee a more sensible interaction contrasted with the expertise of a typical Do-It-Yourself lover.

Sanded Or Unsanded, Which Grout Takes More Time To Dry?

Sanded grouts need 2 days to get dry enough before fixing them. Then again, unsanded grouts need something like 3 days to evaporate.

Different compound pieces of the two sorts of grouts explain the distinction of getting them evaporated. For an upward tiles establishment, numerous specialists suggest utilizing unsanded grouts.

What Occurs Assuming You Grout The Tiles Too early?

You can only grout the shower tile after it is done. Give it a day before when you can grout the shower tiles after installing them.

Any other way, extremely short after the establishment, the fixing of the grout will shrink, and you will discover some hairline breaks in the grout.

What Amount Does It Cost To Tile A Shower?

Your washroom should be the most wonderful room in your home; however, updating your shower likewise accompanies an expense.

Assuming you’re searching for a tile that will give you enduring help, you can make do with top-notch yet costly ones.

One of the most involved tiles for the shower is fired tiles. This tile gives you a tasteful environment; it is not difficult to clean at the time.

Additionally, your cost for overhauling your shower room will rely upon what nature of tiles you will purchase.


Showers are intended to be utilized for a long time. If there is a straightforward shortcoming in their establishment cycle, they probably will only keep going for a short time or work appropriately. It will hurt your standing as well.

While pondering the time it takes to tile a shower, you ought to likewise think about its strength.


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